guvenlik1. BUILDING SECURITY: Covers security services for housing estates, apartment buildings, construction sites and other mass housing.

2. FACILITY SAFETY: Covers security services offered to shopping and trade centers, factories, sports facilities, holiday and entertainment facilities etc.

3. EVENT SAFETY: Covers security services offered to concerts, introductory events, exhibitions, meetings and other events.

4. SAFETY FOR EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS: Covers security services offered to schools attached to the Ministry of Education.

5. VIP PROTECTION: Covers security services offered to our customers who demand private and personal guard(s) for a certain period of time.

6. ELECTRONIC SECURITY: Covers the activities of the determination and installation of alarms, cameras, fire and gas detection and alarm systems.

7. SAFETY TRAINING: Covers the activities of raising Armed and Unarmed Private Security Personnel and providing them with the Basic Expertise and Sustainment Trainings by our specialized and experienced training staff in our Security School within the body of our company

8. CONSULTANCY: Review, provision of elite security personnel, risk analysis, project development.